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Frequently Asked Questinos About Vending

Do I get a vendor badge?

Yes! When you check-in  for setup, you will be provided a vendor badge for 2 people per table rented. At this time, you will complete your check-in. We understand that things change and you might not always know who, or how many helpers, will be able to vend with you until the day of the event. Extra badges can be purchased at this time or before hand.

What is included in my table fee?

Electricity, ample table space, 2 vendors, and seating is included in your table fee. Each table length is different depending on location. Be sure to check location details and fees before booking.

I have more than 2 people helping with my setup. Is that okay?

Yes! that's absolutely okay! With your table rental fee, you are allowed up to 2 people total per table. If you have more than 2 people per table rented, you will be charged admission cost for every extra person. Admission cost varies per location and can change at any time without notice.

If I am still setting up when doors open at 9:00am will I be charged a fee?

There is a fee for anyone who is unreasonably still setting up when the doors open to the public or those who show up after the event begins to set up. We promote professionalism and strive to only provide quality vendors to our wealth and wellness community. You will not be charge a fee without warning. You will not be charged a fee if being late was not your fault. Find our No-show, cancellation, late-setup, and early break-down rules & fees HERE.

Is there a discount if I rent multiple tables?

Yes, there is! Double check what the exact table fee and discount for multiple tables are on the specific location. You can find this information here.

Do vendors win prizes?

Yes! Prize details TBA

Can I share booth space with another vendor?

Yes! If you are sharing booth space with another vendor, make sure ONLY 1 PERSON is booking for your crew. Only 1 submission form is needed. Just mark you both in the special notes or in the business name section. This prevents double charging and confusion. Payments MUST be made in advance. The person who signs both vendors up is in charge of all payments. We don't care how you split it up. Both vendors will be listed in the vendor list. 

Is there a table layout?

Yes, we provide your assigned seating the day of the event at check-in.
We understand things change that we cannot control. Because of this, we do not release the table layout until the weekend of the event.
Be sure to submit your special seating needs and/or requests to us before the event so that we can do our very best to accommodate those needs. We also advise NO last minute changes for the courtesy of others attending the event. We require all requests and needs to be submitted 2 weeks before the event date.

Is there a vendor list? I need to see something...

There is not a public vendor list just laying around. We only publish sponsors on our website. You can become a sponsor here.
If you have supporters that want to know if you are attending, we send out the vendor list via email 1 week before the event. Please have them subscribe HERE to receive a vendor list.

Can I only vend one day?

We have limited availability for one day vendors. If you need to vend one day please email us at so we can accommodate you.

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